Interviewing veteran filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt is can be very easy and at the same time very tough job because the man like his films is bold, loud, audacious, speaks his mind, does not care about societal norms. So, it’s very easy to interview him as he rattles quotes after quotes. However, it’s very tough also because Bhatt claims that he has lived all life confronting and rebelling against rules set by the society. That is why it’s very tough to keep this man stick to your script. But Shewta Chopra, the new chairperson of Jaipur chapter of FICCI Flo,  in her new role of an interviewer, very subtle  tamed the untamable Bhatt and kept him to speak to the script. Although the event was very aptly called “Khuli Kitab” (open book), Shewta through her polite and inquisitive questions made Bhatt tell the audience something which he may have never shared on a public platform.

Pic Courtesy: Mahesh Acharya

Of course, we all know his flirtations with God men, alcohol, LSD and his troubled childhood but we never knew how he quit alcohol. When Shewta asked this question, Bhatt in his imitable style narrated a very poignant  incident which made him quit 6 alcohol. He said: “One night I returned home totally drunk and w  hen I tried take my little daughter Shaheen in my arms and tried to kiss her I felt that she turned her face away from me. And there and then I quit alcohol without taking any pills or going to a rehab. In fact, this questioned opened Bhatt more and talked about his daughter Pooja, who too had become any alcoholic. Bhatt said his just one sentence made Pooja quit alcohol. “One day she was very emotional and she text me saying ‘papa I love you’ and I text her back saying ‘if you love me then love yourself because I love through you'”.

Pic Courtesy: Mahesh Acharya

Then Shewta asked a question which everybody in the audience wanted to ask – about Alia-Ranbir relationship. Bhatt was quite candid about their relationship and even said recently Ranbir had invited him for a dinner at his place where Alia was also present.

Pic Courtesy: Mahesh Acharya

The best part of the encounter was Bhatt’s advice to the audience that although he has lived his life confronting the conformity of the society and has no regrets, he advised the audience “please don’t idolise me or make your role model because I am flawed man.”

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