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When Aamir Khan rejected Lagaan story in five minutes

Written by Hannan

People of an Indian village, who could not pay Lagaan, decide to play a cricket match with Britishers. This story sounded so strange and bizarre that Aamir Khan didn’t think twice rejecting the script of Ashutosh Gowariker, which was earlier rejected by Shahrukh Khan also.

  Speaking on the sidelines of the second edition of Indian Scriptwriters Association, Aamir said: When I heard ‘Lagaan’, in five minutes of its narration, I rejected it.. I was like it is a story of people who are not able to pay ‘Lagaan’ as there are no rains and they play cricket with British people! I was like ‘What a bizarre thought is this? I told Ashutosh, ‘This is a strange (ajeeb) story. I told him to get me a different story.”

 Three months later, when Gowariker had finialised the script, he approached the star again, except the story was still the same.

“When I heard the story, I was into it. I loved the final script of Lagaan and found it unbelievable. I told him, ‘It is a fantastic script and it does break the record of mainstream cinema. But I am scared to say yes. I can’t do it’.”

One year later Aamir signed on to the film because his parents told him to.

“I would often think why am I not doing the film? I told Ashutosh to narrate the story to my parents. They heard it and were crying. They told me I should do it.”

Lagaan is considered a game-changer in Hindi cinema and even went on to earn an Oscar nomination.

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