Going back to college is always a fun moment, remembering each moment of your college days. Chitchatting with your old friends is the most precious thing a person can ask for.

So let’s get started! It’s for all Ex-xavierites and finals year students of xaviers college,Jaipur. Your passings out seniors are making your weekend all the more colorful…

Alumina Council is coming up with fun filled Dandia night, it’s just not dance and Music but they also have interesting prizes…

The committee that is organizing the Event is by

Akansha Johar (President)

Aamir Khan (Vice-president)

Aparna joshi (Secretary)

Rishab lodha (General secratry)


Grab your passes now!

Passes available on



Venue: Xaviers College, Hathroi

Time: Pop up at 5 pm

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