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A trek to Amber Fort

Written by Shruti Misra

Jaipur is usually known for its daily hustle-bustle where long drives usually mean driving up to the Jawahar Circle. Amidst this iconic city lies Amber Fort. This place is a paradise for trekking and adventure-seeking enthusiasts, our budding photographers, and fitness freaks. It is a trek, with steps going uphill.

Although the steps are slightly uneven, each of them reminds you of the past glory of the Amber Fort and at the same time provides you with one of the most exhilarating experiences of your life.

As you ascend the hill, different shades of green await you with fresh air and cool breeze ready to wrap around you. Completing the trek tough might be an exhausting exercise, but the breathtaking view from the top or even a mere peep from the niches is divine and an experience of its own that rejuvenates you.

The chataris, darwazas and niches not only connect us to the medieval Rajasthan but also act as your contemporary photo booths. You get to see Jaipur through a different lens. Imagine watching the dawn set in, sitting with your friends at one of the most beautiful sites in Jaipur, imagine seeing Amber and the Mahota lake from a different angle and ah! not to forget imagine making the best snap stories amongst your peers.

Well, this trek, next to a small temple, opposite the Amber palace intrigued us and we are glad we discovered this hidden treasure of serenity and peace in Jaipur. What better way to escape from your cyber spheres than to be in the lap of nature with your buddies, and the savoury and samosa shops are an added plus, since they give you the best of the typical Jaipuri breakfast. All in all, we think that this trek though now in the vicinity of Jaipur is yet far from its multitude, it is a worthwhile trek which cannot be missed.

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