Get, set to it gloss up girls.

Find lipsticks too extravagant? Don’t worry, lip tints have you covered. If Priyanka Chopra could rock at her wedding with a mere lip stain, why can’t you?

Moreover, this spring every brand from Maybelline to Kylie Cosmetics is BACK AGAIN!! With the best in their pouches and to garnish these wonderfully served shades in a beautiful yet affordable platter, we have Game of Thrones out with its exclusive collection.

And finally for the people with stacks of money in their pocket, Sephora and KKW beauty once again have not failed to win our hearts with new and refreshing products.

Finding a place with a buffet of such products, why not visit Nykaa already?

So, with such boon in our near by stores, lets equip ourselves with the best shade of pink  and blossom brighter than the Cherry trees this season because dont forget it girls, you are worth it..


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