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The Twinning game has reached the next level!

Written by Jhanvi Rathore

I’m sure everyone loves Walt Disney World, but there’s an extra dose of “awwpeal” for millennials and Gen Z teens: the Instagram famous PURPLE WALL. This one’s located inside Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom, where the wall acts like a magnet for the park-goers in search of the perfect selfie backdrop! And now, Disney is about to make those purple wall pics even better by introducing the new time summer drinks!

Lets introduce the Purple Wall Slush to the world. It’s a taro tea slushie that comes with tapioca boba pearls along with whipped cream and a purple sprinkle garnish. The extra-Instagrammable drink is now available at Tomorrowland Terrace commencing from this 21st (May), and you’ll definitely be seeing it all over Instagram as soon as the news spreads about its release.

Now that’s literally one heck of a twinning case!

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