The new anthem is out and it’s a NAY!

Written by Jhanvi Rathore

The FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 has finally begun and the excitement that was created is all blown away with the wind. The song by Puerto Rican Nicky Jam features American actor- rapper Will Smith and Albanian- Kosovar Era Istrefi.

The song, despite its fast pace, was panned mostly by fans who have all sorts of issues. I genuinely feel that the song should be declared as a yellow- carder as neither the performer’s countries are participating in this edition nor does the song have a sporty soul in the music.

I really don’t think they went the tried-and- tested formula of football official song composition. They failed spectacularly and can that be called a new world record in the field of music? It does have a distinct South American vibe, but that doesn’t save it too!

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