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Tapri – the chai ki dukan – makes a foray into five-star culture

Written by Shruti Misra

Oscar Wilde said, “tea is the only simple pleasure left to us.”  However, George Orwell, who has written an 11-point treatise on making a nice cup of tea, is of the view that tea is one of the mainstays of our civilisation, adding wittingly because the best manner of making it is the subject of violent disputes!

For us Indians, both sayings are true. Yes, it’s part of our civilisation as our day begins with a hot cup of tea irrespective of the weather. And yes, it is the only simple pleasure which every person can afford. However, this most popular of beverage in the country is brewing a storm in a completely new avatar!

Tea, sometimes called “chatter broth, is best enjoyed with a heaping spoonful of gossip, of course.

As far as Jaipur is concerned, Chai Ki Thadis, spread across the city were the most favoured joints for tittle-tattle but a new phenomenon of tea cafes sprouting in every nook and corner has given chai ki dukan an image makeover.

Rising incomes and demand for a refined experience transcending chai are spawning posh tea lounges in Jaipur. In this regard, Tapri – the Tea House can be called a trendsetter. Started in a tiny place at Lal Kothi in 2010 by two young MBA graduates Ankit Bohra and Saurabh Bapana, Tapri has taken the addiction for the brewed drink to a new level.

Saurabh Bapana, one of the owners of Tapri.

Tea, sometimes called “chatter broth, is best enjoyed with a heaping spoonful of gossip, of course. And that is the mantra of success for Tapri as the duo says “Tapri is a space where we celebrate chai and bak-bak with friends around” and nothing makes bak-bak more interesting if the tea is accompanied by vada pao to munch along.

Tapri’s success can b gauged from that fact after a few years, the owners had to open another outlet just opposite Central Park. And now the chai ki dukan has made a foray into five-star culture.

Theia brand owner Divisha Khaitan with Malvika Sharma.

Recently, Tapri’s third outlet was opened at Marriot in Malaviya Nagar and Jaipur’s glitterati was present there for “chai pe charcha”. Gracing the occasion were present was Theia brand owner Divisha Khaitan, who marked the event with opening a stall of her Theia brand. Others seen enjoying chai were fashion designer Paridhi Jaupuria and Dusyant Singh of OTH.

Knick knacks showcased at Theia stall.

Divisha Khaitan and fashion designer Paridhi Jaipuria.

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