Online shopping has become a fast growing phenomenon. While it’s not only a saviour from standing in long queues at your favourite retail brand, what’s really made it the next big thing is the fact that it helps save time, petrol and energy. Hence, surfing the internet for ‘what to buy next’ has become the ultimate solution for all shopaholics.

Although shopping online provides the best retail therapy, customers are often concerned about the size to order. While the size chart is universal, the manufacturing of each brand differs, making it a challenge to purchase footwear and clothes online.

Compiled from Hindustan Times, here is a list of six tips to make sure you receive the perfect order.

1. Check the size chart

One of the most crucial aspects of buying footwear online is determining the size. Therefore, it is essential to measure your foot and follow the size guide for every online purchase. There are five types of measurements you usually get to see online: the UK, US and EU sizes, and sizes in both centimeters and inches.

2. Measurement of feet

It is of utmost importance to take the correct measurement of your feet before online shopping. One foot may be larger than the other, so measuring the larger foot is recommended. This way you won’t get stuck with a pair of ill-fitting, painful shoes that you won’t wear.

3. Size variation with different footwear

It is imperative to measure your feet while wearing socks, which will increase the size by half an inch. Likewise, when you are trying on winter boots, make sure you have thick socks that you would probably wear with boots during winters. Socks can make a big difference in sizing.

4. Opt for the safer brands

Over time, people become loyal to a few brands and rely on them for comfort and quality. Experimenting with different brands and styles is a good idea. However, it is always better to get the look and feel of the new brand via traditional shopping. While buying online, stick to the pre-owned brands.

5. Inconsistent sizing within the same brand

Most brands do not have consistent sizing based on standard body sizes. You may fit into a size S of one style of the brand and size M of another style of the same brand. This becomes trickier online since you will have to engage in the process of exchange and return. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the sizing algorithm of that particular brand before making a purchase. Ideally, the online platform needs to have a size chart comparison.

6. Conflict in sizes between the chart and actual product

The size charts published for every garment online are not consistent with “actual” product size. In other words, many products have incorrect size charts as no detailed diligence is done at Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) while uploading thousands of products on the store’s website. The SKU is used to identify the product, product size or type and the manufacturer. They are usually standard guide charts for the brand and since there are thousands of SKUs for a given brand, you end up seeing variations in sizes and fits across SKUs for the same brand.

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