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Shewta Bachchan Nanda is going gaga over Gauri Khan’s interior styling

Written by Shruti Misra

Shewta Bachchan Nanda is going gaga over her friend Gauri Khan’s interior styling. Gauri Khan is a known interior designer and she recently lent her creativity to a new restaurant Arth in Mumbai.

Writing in DNA, Shewta says, Arth, designed by Gauri, is a refreshing change from anything you’ve seen in the city thus far. It combines the plush opulence heretofore expected only in 5-star hotels with a hipper aesthetic you would find somewhere in New York! It is a daunting undertaking, the space is massive, and Gauri has given it scale, which is scarce in this city and therefore the first thing that grabs your attention. How did she manage to achieve this?

“Gauri is the embodiment of sprezzatura, her calm exterior belies some serious industriousness. How and when did you manage this? I ask her incredulously. She smiles; it’s taken her about eight months from start to finish, and I am gobsmacked into silence.”

Shewta says Gauri is passionate about her work. It radiates through her while simultaneously maintaining a very practical outlook.

“She has taken into account every aspect of designing a restaurant, from the footfalls to the upkeep — nothing should look messy and specific elements and materials were used to ensure that. She flirts with a little bit of drama in the bathrooms where facing mirrors scatter your reflection cloning you several times over.”

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