More than 2,000 immigrant children have been separated from their parents after the “zero tolerance policy” in which all cases of illegal entry into the US are to be considered as that of criminal prosecution. The children are being held in cages. People who work there aren’t supposed to pick up or touch any of those children. Though Trump has released an official statement stating that he will reverse this policy, there is still a concern about those 2,000 children who are already separated from their parents. At present, the government has no tracking system for them, no plans to reunite the children to their parents.

Trump has finally stated that he would reverse the child separation policy. He has been working quite a lot to justify keeping terrified children in what are essentially jail cells.

Even the former First Lady Laura Bush, whose husband invented ICE, said that whatever is happening now is compared to the internment camps for US citizens and non citizens of Japanese descent during World War II, and is the most shameful episode in the US history.

All in all, the separations might be permanent according to ICE and some of the parents are already committing suicide.

According to Fox News, Trump and his fellow members are working overtime to plan strategies to justify for why they’ve been pulling terrified children away from their parents and keep them in jail cells. That too permanently! Is humanity actually degrading?

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