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For this Sachin, fame means serving people

Written by Shruti Misra

The latest internet sensation IPS officer Sachin Atukar is taking the new found fame in his stride.

The man who became IPS officer at the age of 22 feels that this fame, instead of becoming a burden,  is helping him to reach out to more people and serve the public.

Talking exclusively to Haalo, Sachin, who has an overwhelming fan following on Facebook, says: “I am taking this fame in a positive way as it is helping me in my work.”

On the question of internet fame making him more visible which might cause little detraction, Sachin who has been serving in Madhya Pradesh, says: ” I have been in the service for the past 10 years and instead of choosing any private sector job I chose this job to serve the people. In fact, the internet following and news coverage have contributed positively to my work. Being easily recognised in  public has helped me in my work.”

A fitness freak who regularly pumps the iron at the gym,  Sachin’s fitness regimen has rubbed off on his staff. He admitted that some of the policemen are “out of shape” and has started many fitness training programs for his staff.

Sachin laughs when told that he has been being hailed as the real Dabangg Khan. On a serious note, he says there is a lot of difference between the real and reel world. “On screen, there is a lot of emotions and other things but in real life dealing with real situation is quite different.”

This is the 10th Independence Day for Sachin as an IPS officer and he is very proud to wear the uniform which has given the responsibility to serve the people and nation.

In an interview with another publication, Sachin said: “I have always strived to connect with the people in whatever way they want with one sole mission to motivate them. I understand that they seek heroism in police officers that they see in the films. I am never averse to that because so many youngsters have come up to me and said that they were motivated to become fit and healthy. So many parents approach me and tell me that their kids are highly inspired by me and want to join IPS.

“However, the only issue is that some people are only highlighting my physical appearance. I take pride in my uniform and it should be given the respect that it deserves. One should talk about the deeds, too, so that the youth can be inspired to pursue a career in IPS and other Government areas to build a progressive nation.”

His Facebook post on the 71st Independence Day sums his message to youngsters, in which he asks his fans to not “make looks and appearance as the sum total of a person.” His caption read: “Dear well wishers please don’t make looks and appearance as the sum total of a person. There can be a lot more to a person than what just meets the eye!! Let’s together strive to make a beautiful nation rather than just individuals. जय हिन्द।”

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