Provocative policing: Lebanese city puts female officers in tiny shorts to attract tourists

Written by Asif Ullah Khan

A group of female police officers are causing a stir in a Lebanese town, and it’s not because of their profession.

In an attempt to attract more tourists, the town of Broumana changed its dress code to black shorts and a t-shirt — for its female officers only.

The mayor of Broumana Pierre Achkar said the change was meant to modernize outfits.

Ninety-nine percent of the tourists in the Mediterranean region wear shorts,” Achkar told RT. “(We want to) change the bleak picture of Lebanon in the West, and to bring tourists from the West.”

A Twitter user compared the female officers’ uniforms to their male counterparts, and said that women should not be used as “tourist attractions.”

It’s a great initiative to engage more women in municipalities,” the user wrote. “The only problem is that they’re clearly not in standard police uniforms but are being exploited (and) sexualized by their employers.”

Despite these arguments, one of the female officers said she doesn’t see an issue with the shorts, and hopes to come back next year.

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