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Prince Charles-Diana’s secret daughter revealed

Written by Asif Ullah Khan

Did Prince Charles and Diana have a secret daughter? Well, this rumour has doing rounds for many years, now a US publication Globe has dropped the bombshell that Charles- Diana daughter is known as Sarah Spencer and claimed sources claim her sister-in-law Megan, Duchess of Sussex, has already met with her in secret.

  Globe also printed a picture of Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ alleged first-born, said to have been conceived using embryos to prove she’d be able to produce an heir before they were married.

Several sensational reports have claimed over the years that a fertility doctor took the embryo and implanted it in his own wife – but the royals found out, and Diana and Charles’ first child was exiled to stop the scandalous truth from hitting headlines.

 While many dismissed the story as a tall tale, the new picture, published here by Woman’s Day, has sent shockwaves through the monarchy, 21 years after Diana’s death in a Paris car crash.

“You can’t deny this woman looks exactly like Diana. She’s basically the female version of William,” a reliable royal informant tells us.

“If Diana were alive today, she’d want to meet Sarah to find out the truth.”

  The report in Globe goes on to claim that the woman’s younger brothers Wills, 36, and Harry, 34, are not only aware of their secret sister’s existence but have actually kept in touch with her.

The magazine alleges Harry has even gone as far as to introduce his new wife to Sarah – who apparently keeps her biological mother’s maiden name – during their recent trip to New Zealand.

  According to their insider, Sarah has been moving between the US and the Pacific Islands.

She is said to most recently be staying at a remote property outside of New Zealand’s North Island city Rotorua, owned by one of Harry’s mates – where he is said to have secretly taken Meghan, 37, to meet her sister-in-law.

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