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Palak Jain: Big presence on the small screen

Written by Jhanvi Rathore

Palak Jain, in a short span of time, has made a big presence on small screen. After doing modelling in Delhi, Palak thought of trying her hand in acting and moved to Mumbai. She went through grind of attending auditions and acting workshops but the hard work paid off as TV and modelling offers started pouring in.

What is the basic plot of your show and what character do you play?
Yeh pyaar nahi toh kya hai is a story which is based in the modern age. In this age, the youth is so busy building their career that somewhere. Emotions have taken a back seat. This is what our show is trying to portray. It is very ironic that the world is coming closer but the communication gap is broadening with every step. It defines the modern age of today. The story begins with the two the two main leads: Anushka Reddy and Siddhant Sinha meeting after seven years. The two of them loved each other at some point but parted ways because of some misunderstandings. So it’s a love story with a business and political touch.

What character do you play in the show?

I play the character of a girl named Anushka Reddy who belongs to a very rich family.  She is a girl who has everything that she wants but has still managed to keep herself simple and down to earth. She values emotions and is a family oriented girl. She also knows that nothing comes easy in life which is why she is a very hard working girl. For the guy, Siddhant, it’s not the journey that matters. What matters is how you reach there. In short, by hook or crook! On the other hand, the girl believes that the journey is the only that matters. One needs to take the right path to get somewhere. There’s a difference in the opinion between the two of them.

Do you relate yourself to the character that you play?

I literally relate myself to the character at a lot of times. But just like her, I believe that there are no shortcuts in life. One has to work hard and it’s indeed the journey that matters. One thing that I can’t relate to is her financial background. I am from a very middle- class family. I always feel that if you take the right path, you will ultimately reach at the right place. I am also a very family oriented person who loves to spend time with her family.

How does it feel to grab a biggie at such a short span?
I consider myself very lucky! I went to Mumbai last year and stayed there for about 8-9 months. Those months were quite challenging. I gave a lot of auditions and got rejected every day. It was heartbreaking. But one fine day, this show came up. I gave the audition and things automatically fell into place. It just happened!


How is it working with your co-stars?

It has been amazing! All of them have been so warm towards me since the first day of the shoot that I never felt out of place. This was my first show ever as an actor. Unlike me, most of the characters were experienced, but nobody made me feel like an outsider. They were always helpful with everything that included facing the camera or learning the script. It’s been a while now, so I have gotten into the flow but ever since the beginning, there wasn’t a single day that I felt awkward, all thanks to them!



We got to know that you learned Bharatnayam for the show. How was the experience altogether?

I did not really take a lot of lessons, but I got to attend a few workshops. The experience was so good because I am not at all a good dancer. And classical is something that takes ages to master! I couldn’t really learn a lot but the experience was beautiful. I used to learn in the morning and shoot soon after that. It was tiring but very exciting.  Because of this show, I get to learn things that I never thought of learning.

We’ve heard that you take 15 minutes to get ready on the set. Is it true? 

Not really! It’s just that I don’t take hours to get ready. Thankfully, the look of Anushka is so basic that she is like any other girl. She is a modern girl who wears pants and skirts to office like any other employee would. Her makeup is never overdone. I take as much time as a normal girl would take to get ready.

What is that one thing that you miss about Jaipur? 

Every summer vacation, my mom used to take me to Jaipur. So Jaipur had become my nani’s place! It’s a beautiful city. I finished my college from ICG and that is one reason why I got to stay in the city for long. So from the city to the posh area, I have fond memories at so many places in the city.

A message that you want to convey to your fans?

I would like to share something that my mother has always taught me. Whatever we do in life, just remember that there’s a power above all of us who’s watching. Whatever we do, we’d get the results accordingly. What goes around always comes back to you. Also, never give up on your dreams! Just keep pushing yourself towards them, because one day they will come true. Because it happened with me, it will happen with you too!

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