Ocean’s 8, not that great?

Written by Jhanvi Rathore

Ocean’s 8 roped in a team of ace actresses and had people hoping for an epic movie. I wanted so much more than the ensemble comedy.


The movie is fun. This one’s kinda sequel to Steven Soderbergh’s three Ocean’s films but with a female cast of smooth criminals. It features some of your favorite actors and obviously a lot of great clothes. Without a doubt, the movie is a worthy film with no regrettable misfire to be chagrined about.

Plot wise, the movie misses grander sleights of hand and logical leaps of the other Ocean’s movies. The movie takes a simpler route, combining mechanics of its heist and fixing problems easily. But there’s something that’s missing in the movie. Or maybe Ross and Milch have simply written a weaker script than what we’ve seen before.

Sandra Bullock plays sardonic and cool Debbie Ocean who has a pinch of a secret. Eventually one finds out how she ends up in a clink, a backstory which is not that satisfying. Majority of the duration in the film is focused on Debbie assembling a team of fabulous, bold thieves. This also involves a version of the real- life Met Gala and a diamond necklace bigger than an apartment.

She’s joined by Cate Blachett as Lou, who is skeptical about Debbie’s plan but still gets roped in. The rest of the gang comes together swiftly, Mindy Kaling as a compromised jeweler, Rihanna as a stoned computer hacker, Awkwafina as a caustic pickpocket, Sarah Paulson as some sort of merch hoarding wholesale goods fencer, and Helena Carter as a disgraced fashion designer in need a of some quick money. The movie also stars Anne Hathaway, who plays the role of a swanning movie star Daphne Kluger, who will be wearing the sought- after necklace the night of the big job. Anne is fabulous in the role.

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