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Meet Dhisha Moorjani, who brought Jaipur to the Caribbean

From a Hindu refugee from Pakistan in Jaipur to the Caribbean queen of fashion!  The owner of House of Jaipur,  the biggest and most famous fashion outlet in the Caribbean,  Dhisha Moorjani’s  reads like a Bollywood script.

House of Jaipur is Dhisha’s labour of love for the homeland of her parents. Dhisha opened her store 10 years ago, after selling out of her living room for two years prior, but her love of Jaipur was instilled in her since early childhood by her parents. They migrated to Trinidad from Jaipur when her father was hired to work at Kirpalani’s, and it was her mother especially, originally from Mumbai herself, who made sure that her children, Dhisha and her younger sister Renuka, were deeply versed in their ancestral culture. She spoke only Sindhi in the house, and both Dhisha and her sister still speak the language fluently.

Her father’s sudden passing was the final push that saw the birth of the House of Jaipur, a showcase for the timeless beauty and culture of the place where he was born.  She wanted people to see the incredible and intricate works of art that India’s skilled artists and artisans were capable of creating, and not just the ‘trade fair’ goods and wares that they were accustomed to seeing. She started the business with all of her savings, designed the entire store herself, travelled to India (where she found herself very grateful that she was able to speak the language) to personally select every item because as she puts it, she doesn’t just sell material things at House of Jaipur, she sells ‘an experience.’ Dhisha is constantly challenging herself, always exploring new possibilities and avenues for sharing ‘the experience’.  She facilitated ‘sari workshops’ to teach the proper way to wrap the lustrous silk garments when she realised how many of the women who bought them always needed help when it came time to wear them.

On mantra behind her success, Dhisha says: “I wanted to marry both the cultures where everybody could wear traditional wear to suit their purpose, both Indians and non-Indians.”

The success of House of Jaipur has spurred Dhisha to try new things and the latest addition to House is Jaipur is ‘Chai Bar’.

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