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Making a song and dance about cosmetic surgery, K-Pop style!

Written by Aditya Tiwari

If ABBA was Sweden’s biggest export, then K-pop has become the Seoul (pun intended)  of the South Korean economy. K-Pop has not only become a multi-billion dollar industry but also accentuated the South Koreans’ obsession with looking pretty. K-Pop, is in fact, driving many young people’s fascination with getting cosmetically enhanced.

But Six Bomb, a relatively unknown K-pop girl group, took it a step further with their latest set of releases.  All the four members not only went under the knife but also released a video showing their plastic surgery procedures.

In the aptly named first video, released in February, titled “Becoming Prettier (Before),” all four members are seen receiving plastic surgery consultation. The follow-up video – “Becoming Prettier (After) – released a month later in March, shows the girls walking out of the hospital with their post-surgery results.

In the video, they dance in an operating theatre, as the surgery lights pulse in time with the beat.

The four women have had “almost every kind of surgery that could be done on a face” and breast implants, said their manager Kim Il-woong.

(Above) The members of Six Bomb before the cosmetic surgery and (below) after the surgery.


The surgery cost $88,000 for all four girls, with a clinic confirming that they had all gone through operations “above the waist.”

“We all wanted to get some surgeries done to look prettier … and thought, ‘Why not perform a song about it instead of trying to conceal it?’”, lead singer of the group Dain told AFP.

“People will notice it anyway … so we wanted to be open about this reality where many women want to look pretty.”

The group insists that none of the members were forced to go through the surgery.

Cosmetic procedures are hardly rare in South Korea, which has one of the highest rates of plastic surgery in the world. Many Korean celebrities have gone under the knife but it’s unusual for them to speak about it.

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