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Let your hair game be on point this June

Written by Jhanvi Rathore

This month we bring to you the best new hair treatments, hottest hair colors and the hair care products that you need to get your hands on!


The best new products for hair:

Sunscreen for hair: We’ve been trying to protect our skin from the sun ever since the sunscreen idea came into existence. But, what about the hair? Have you ever thought of putting sunscreen and hair together? Not me! The Brazilian brand Sol do Rio wants everyone to take sun protection seriously. The products: shampoo, conditioner, mask and a beach wave spray, all these are infused with amino acids and coconut water to safeguard our strands against UV and pollution damage.

The frizz fighter: It is always nice to have your hair on point. But that’s only possible when the world is perfect. But just include Kérastase’s natural Aura Botanica range which is a light milky formula- Lait de Soie. According to them, once massaged onto hair, it will discipline frizz for 96 hours in up to 0 % humidity, without compromising on the hair’s natural movement and volume.

At home care: Joining the three-part in-salon treatment are Olaplex No 4 and 5, a shampoo and conditioner that you can take home to continue reaping the bond building benefits. I personally love that the creamy formula creates a rich, luxurious lather and this somehow makes one feels like one has just slapped on tons of moisturizer on strands.


Night serum for your looks: Sova’s soothin aromatic mist mends split ends and reverses damage that is caused by chemicals and pollution. It has a blend of saffron, baobab tree seeds and maca root which does a great job. Spray it on and let your hair have a good night sleep.

Hair Color for the millennial: Josh Wood’s color system has a permanent color: PPD and ammonia free, with hydrolyzed quinoa to aid shine and moisture, root concealer for touch ups, a color blending brush for temporary color that lasts up to three washes, a root smudger to disguise grey regrowth, a tinted dry shampoo, a marker to literally color badly behaved single strands that love to go astray, and a whole care range of shampoos, conditioners and a mask. Who wouldn’t want this perfect package? This is surely going to make the process of DIY coloring cray-zyy!!

Shampoo for thinning hair: A shampoo that helps reduce hair loss? I’ve finally found one that actually works. Rene Furterer’s Triphasic Stimulating Shampoo, which is made up of two ingredients that fight hair loss: ATP and Pfaffia extract along with essential oils in microbeads that burst with the friction of fingers on the scalp. This stimulating shampoo and scrub in one product not only cleanses your scalp, strengthens roots but also reduces hair loss!

Damage Control: Wella is up with an action plan to help rethink all the times when you thought that coloring hair would result in damaging them! Wellaplex is a set of three products to be used during all stages of hair coloring. No. 1 Bond Maker creates bonds within hair during lightening or coloring. No. 2 Bond Stabilizer strengthens hair structure and rebalances pH levels, and No. 3 Hair Stabilizer is to be used at home for continual care of chemically treated hair. It’s more like a helping, caring hand to help one through intensive procedures of coloring hair.

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