Jaipur’s Maharaja Padmanabh Singh to represent India in polo World Cup playoffs

Written by Aditya Tiwari

Hailing from a family with an enviable pedigree in polo, Jaipur’s Maharaja Padmanabh Singh has added another feather to his crown. Living up to his family tradition, Pacho as he is fondly called by his friends, has been selected to represent India in the polo World Cup playsoff to be held in the Iranian city of Tehran from June 29 to July 6. The other members of the team are Ravi Rathore, Abhimanyu Pathak, Angad Kalan, Siddhant Sharma and Pranav Kapoor.

The first royal to become the brand ambassador of polo lifestyle company, La Martina.

In a recent interview to The Polo Magazine, Pacho, who is the first royal to become the chosen one for the reputed Argentine family-based polo lifestyle company, La Martina, says: “Looking back, I have gained a lot from my family’s involvement with polo over the last few generations, especially from my great grandfather in terms of knowledge of the game, but also the spirit in which it should be played.”

Pacho is looking forward to playing in Chestertons Polo in the Park for the Indian team.

After playing on the English circuit with the likes of Princes William and Harry, Pacho says: “I want to get to the top of the game, but my overriding desire is to once again make Jaipur the hub of the Indian polo and the ultimate international destination.

” I want to restore our city’s old glory, annually inviting international teams to experience polo at its best – and then I’ll find time to play in the Queen Cup!”.

Although in the last four years Pacho has played polo all over the world, his most memorable games have been in Jaipur.

Pacho wants to restore old glory of Jaipur and make it the hub of the Indian polo.

“The atmosphere is so exciting to play in and there is nothing like the cheers of the home crowd to spur you and your horses on to victory”.

Pacho will be a familiar face during the UK season as he represents La Martina team and brand. “I am really looking forward to playing in Chestertons Polo in the Park for the Indian team. It has been decades since India played against England on the English turf and to make it more interesting, the last time was when my great grandfather Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II led the Indian team.”


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