For these Jaipur girls, life is a piece of cake

Written by Shruti Misra

They say life’s no piece of cake but four Jaipur girls have found their own recipe for life and happiness in baking cakes and cookies for others. Tarisha Chhabra, Muskaan Maheshwari, Anouska Bohra and Yukta Taneja, the proud owners of Zucchero, had never thought that a casual discussion about a coffee table book with dessert shoots would end up in an Instagram page called Zucchero which will mark the beginning of a new chapter in their lives.

The girls started getting orders and thus Zucchero, a new bakery was born.  But what made this foursome going was their curiosity to challenge themselves by trying and creating new things. And what proved to be the icing on the cake (pun intended) was full support from their parents who always told them to follow their dreams. The girls have completed their 11th class and studies are important to them. So, without sacrificing studies they work on the weekends and during free time.  And the reason why it’s not a chore for them is that they’re passionate about baking and love what they’re doing. But they are sure that after graduation they would like to take this ahead.

When asked why the name Zucchero? They said Zucchero means sugar in Italian and since in India every ritual begins with something sweet, they found this ‘sweet’ word for the new beginning in their lives.

What makes Zucchero a successful venture is all the four girls have an interest in various aspects of making confectionaries.  Anouska and Muskaan specialise in patisserie craft while graphics are done by Tarisha and photography by Yukta.

For Yukta, Muskaan, Anouska and  Tarisha the sweet mantra of success is “Never stop being curious as you never really know what might surprise you in this unpredictable world, listen to your heart, pamper your passion and  make new ways.” Certainly, these girls followed their heart and the success started following them

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