Is the love triangle getting worse by the day?

Written by Jhanvi Rathore


What are the Kardashian-Jenners for if not to fill headlines with drama?

Kendall Jenner and not so sure boyfriend Ben Simmons showed up at the same club as his ex-girlfriend Tinashe on Thursday night, which is incredibly awkward! Like, who wants to hang at the same place as your BF’s ex? At least not me.
Making it worse, Tinashe revealed to TMZ that Ben was texting her while in the club with Kendall Jenner. “He’s texting me,” Tinashe told a TMZ reporter outside the club. “What the hell. What’s he doing?! What an idiot!”

But wait, the gets even better. As Per TMZ, Ben “called Tinashe out” after seeing their video, and “she admitted she made it up and created unnecessary tension.” Sigh, who knows what to believe at this point.

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