Sometimes one experience is enough to change the course of your life. Same happened with Vijaylaxmi when she was in Class 8. Her 13-year-old friend Mamta dies during the childbirth. This tragic event had such a profound effect on her that she fought with her parents to call off her marriage to a 19-year-old boy and devoted her life to fighting child marriages so that other girls do not meet the fate of her friend Mamta.

 Armed with a post-graduate degree in history and B.Ed from Rajasthan university, now, Vijaylaxmi, a teacher at a private school, is leading a movement against child marriage in more than 13 villages that come under the two panchayats of Pachala and Mandore, both under Fagi tehsil in rural Jaipur. She has not only helped more than 50 girls escape child marriage but also help educate villagers about the dangers of child marriage.

The principal of her school says Vijaylaxmi has given the girls of the area a new hope.  Because of her many child marriages have been stopped and now girls are pursuing education.

 Although Vijaylaxmi could not save her friend Mamta, her death has helped Vijaylaxmi prevent many young girls ending up on the funeral pyre.

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