How Lindsay Lohan found her peace in the Middle East

Written by Shruti Misra

Lindsay Lohan, the spoiled child of Hollywood, has found peace in the concrete jungle of skyscrapers in Dubai.

 Recently,  Lindsay Lohan appeared on the cover of Emirates Woman’s June issue as she took part is a desert photoshoot as well as an interview for the magazine.

She is a woman who’s spent the majority of her life on cinema screens, TV sets, magazine covers and, yes, splashed across tabloids all over the world. Everything from her legal troubles to her nights out with Paris Hilton and Britney Spears and even a stint in rehab have been bandied about the papers, paraded as the fall from grace of a teen movie queen.  After more than a decade of such media attention, you feel as if you know her, without having met. But the Lindsay Lohan of today is not the Lindsay Lohan of then, says Emirates Woman.

 In her interview with the fashionable publication, Lohan opened up about her upcoming film Frame, which is shooting in Saudi Arabia later this year.

‘It’s going to be an exciting role to play. It’s OK that it’s kind of similar to me, because then I’ve got my own experience to draw on,’ said Lohan.

Adding, ‘It’s about women teaching other women about their culture, and standing by each other in a time when women are getting more rights and more opportunities.’

She also discussed her spirituality: ‘My main base for spirituality is not living in a subconscious, but living with an awareness that there are more things that we can do to help other people,’ she said.

‘And that takes an understanding of that person and their culture and their mentality first.

Lohan told the magazine about how ‘she practices a little Arabic in a Whatsapp group with a Syrian family she befriended while visiting a refugee camp in 2016.’

‘I talk to them on a daily basis,’ she explained.

‘I don’t do this [for publicity]. I talk to them about school, about their English.’

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