Has Kasol really lost its charm?

Written by Asif Ullah Khan

The times when a trip to Kasol was an ultimate escape from a busy life to a state of nirvana is no more same. Unfortunately, those days are long gone. Kasol has lost most of its essence that it was famous for. The main highlight of Kasol used to be the access to solitude. But looking at the current scenario, all we can see are huge SUVs packed with loud families stuck in traffic.

If this is the first time anyone is going to Kasol, then you wouldn’t really know the peaceful times that I am talking about. The times when one could just get a hit of the good stuff, go for an evening walk, eat some baked goodies and are not bothered by anyone.

But now all one can see are big rowdy groups of people that create utter chaos and the whole idea of peace might have just vanished in the Parvati Valley.

Talking about Parvati valley, the same river which was once the perfect spot to enjoy a cup of piping hot tea with some good stuff has now become adda for gulping beers with bottles discarded right at the banks.

No sense of humanity? I mean yes, one has a standard of living back in the city, then why can’t one follow the same everywhere? Shimla and Dehradun have already become victims to such a disaster, and now it’s Kasol. Kasol is a solid proof that human beings do not deserve such nice things. The tiny mesmerizing hill station has now become a dump site.

I do understand that commercialization of such places is good for the economy, but definitely not good for the surrounding. The whole idea of Kasol was actually to live in a small peaceful village where no one actually bothered about anything that you did. It is definitely not a party destination bud! All it has become now is a place to party and drink till one becomes senseless. Like seriously? One can do that back in the city too, or go to Goa for that!

Inner peace with a combination of chaos is not happening! Kasol used to be Himachal’s well kept secret. Also, it is so not happening to see people come together to diss the cuture. The culture is slightly different from what you are used to, but no one has the right to judge it. Do we?

Going to a place, and then dissing about their culture is something that won’t get down the throat of the locals. It is high time that we start treating the place with some respect rather than shitting on it. Let’s get back to making Kasol peaceful again.


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Asif Ullah Khan

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  • Hey! Saw your line that says “if you want to drink yourself senseless, go to Goa.” Just had to pop in to say that such folks aren’t welcome in Goa either. Please don’t encourage them to come our way. We couldn’t care less about our economy losing a few thousands if it would keep the riff-raff away.

    Jade (ThatGoanGirl)

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