After putting on weight to play an overweight woman in “Dum..” (2015) opposite Ayushmann Khurana, Bhumi made headlines with her slim avatar post shedding 21 kilos in just four months.

“Honestly, gaining and losing were both very tough. Gaining sounds like it’s a lot of fun but then you have to eat a certain amount of food that you’re not used to eating it. Losing weight, in fact, makes you feel better because you know you’re getting healthier but it requires a lot of discipline.

“I think the first few days more than being physically tough I think they were mentally difficult. Because just getting yourself to go to the gym everyday, eating clean, disconnecting yourself from the life outside, is the only way you can knock off the amount of weight that I did and in the time frame that I did.”

Agreeing that Bollywood and society are now more accepting of more body types, Bhumi said it’s a very welcome change.

“Now you see big brands use mannequins of different sizes and there’s no one particular sample size that existed earlier. Today different body types are celebrated, If you’re curvy you’re celebrated, if you’re not curvy and you’re born extremely thin that’s also celebrated.

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