Dabangg 3 Box Office Review: Expectations

Dabangg, when released back in 2010, proved to be a historic blockbuster. The film took the biggest opening of all time and the response in single screens was simply phenomenal. Dabangg 2 (2012) didn’t receive that level of acceptance but still proved to be a super hit with little more net earnings compared to the previous one.

Now Dabangg 3 has released today amidst huge fanfare. The film is definitely expected to do much more than the previous instalments. However, it has got just 1 free week which means a big share of lifetime business will be cut.

Dabangg 3 Box Office Review: Impact

That Dabangg 3 offers nothing new was clear from the trailer itself. I won’t go in those details and will judge the movie purely on the basis of entertainment. But as Salman himself says in the film “Ham hote kaun hain”. Like always I won’t judge the movie at all because it’s a Box Office Review and all I am going do is try to explain how well or not it justifies public expectations as far as entertainment is concerned.

For masses, a Dabangg like film starring Salman Khan in lead is no less than a festival. They feast over such films and celebrate every moment. No questions asked. The typical Salman Khan audience that watches the film in single screens won’t even care about the issues which Dabangg 3 suffers from. They just need Salman Khan to be on screen and say a dialogue. That’s more than enough for them to break into dance.

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