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Chris Gayle catches Sunny Leone’s attention after he grooved to ‘Laila Main Laila’

Written by Shruti Misra

Are you a Chris Gayle fan? If not, this video is sure to turn you into one. Looks like ace sportsmen skills are not the only qualities this West Indies cricketer possesses.


Gayle’s zealous swirls and taps to Laila Mein Laila left us stunned and mushy – all at the same time. Watch the video here to see the cricketer smoothly groove to this Sunny Leone number. Unsurprisingly, the video went viral with a series of challenges hash-tagged theChrisGayleChallenge until it caught Leone’s attention and the ‘Baby doll’ stunner was quick to accept the challenge – and posted the original video of the song which stars her of course!

The 37-year-old all rounder seems to be impressed by the actor’s moves but we are conflicted as to who looks better dancing to the catchy beat…

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