After winning the battle against cancer, Bollywood star and a book lover Sonali Bendre says she has edited this chapter out of her life and wants live life to the fullest. Speaking at a function of Jaipur chapter of the FICCI Flo Jaipur on Monday, she said her battle against cancer had made her a very positive person because she had no choice. Asked if she was surprised by her inner strength to cope with this dreaded disease, Sonali said: “I have a young boy. I had to live for him. So, for there was no other way for me. Of course, the support from friends and people was a great source of strength.” Overcoming that phase of life, Sonali made it very clear that neither she wants to write a book about it nor has any intention of acting in a film on such issue.

 “Writing a book requires a person to be aloof or alone from people, which I can’t do as I am afraid of being lonely.” Second, she said she had been through so much pain and agony that she does not want to go through it or relive it again. Although a private person, Sonali says she made it public because she wanted to avoid rumours and gossip about her condition. However, she made it clear that her intention was never to get public sympathy.

She said her struggle with the disease made her a very positive person. “Even hundreds of positive thinking books could not have done that. During my treatment, my husband Golide Behl used to ask me to take one thing at a time and now I am doing the same. Enjoying every bit of life and happiness but on a daily basis. I think I have got a new life. So, I want to live it to fullest,” she added.

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