Despite the agreement on the Kartarpur corridor, there is hardly any thaw in Indo-Pak political ties. But surprisingly the people-to-people contact and cultural relations between the two are flourishing even in these tense times. In this regard, Bollywood stars, without taking any credit, have played a big role. Of course, Bollywood movies are very popular across the border but of late a new trend is seen – Bollywood stars’ penchant for Pakistani designers and the recent cover of Filmfare is proof of that. Although Ranveer and Deepika for their wedding reception in Mumbai wore Rohit Bal and Abu Jani-Sandeep Khosla creations, for the Filmfare cover Ranveer chose Lahore-based designer Mohsin Naveed Ranjha. Both Ranveer and Mohsin flew to London for the shoot. And since Ranveer posted the picture and tagged Mohsin on it, Mohsin says his cellphone hasn’t stopped ringing.


 Apparently, the clothes and the shoes were designed with Ranveer in mind. “He wanted to know exactly what he was going to wear in the shoot,” says Mohsin. “I sent across the mood board, the colour scheme, the sketches, everything for his approval. Even though he had signed a contract with me and this was a paid shoot, it still didn’t mean that he would wear just about anything I created. After all, the nitty-gritties were sorted and I was leaving for London, I was still worried. What if he didn’t like the clothes? What if something went amiss at the last minute?”

Nothing did go amiss and Ranveer really liked the clothes. He even said so in a special shout-out that he recorded for Mohsin!

“I deliberately wanted to dress him in austere, subtle colours. He wears so much colour and I told him that he also needs to go with darker tones every now and then. He quipped back that those were the colours that everyone else wore while he stood out all on his own. “Ek Ranveer siraf akela hai!” he said.”

Getting Ranveer Singh on board – even at a high price – is a coup. How did Mohsin manage to strike this deal with one of Bollywood’s biggest stars? “I had been in touch with his team and we had been talking about it for a while,” says the designer.

“The high point for me was when Ranveer posted the Filmfare cover and Deepika Padukone liked the image,” laughs Mohsin. “Honestly, managing to achieve a Ranveer Singh cover with Filmfare wasn’t easy for me and I probably would have had backed out had it been any other Bollywood actor. But Ranveer is my favourite and I was willing to pull out all stops for him.”


Apart Ranveer, Kareena Kapoor, Shilpa Shetty, Kangan Ranuat.

After the birth of Taimur, the first shoot Kareena Kapoor did for was Pakistan designer Tena Durrani in Dubai for the cover of Asiana Dubai magazine. Before, she was also face of Faraz Manan’s creations, who is  Bebo’s close friend.

Kangana Ranaut also joined this bandwagon when she modelled for Pakistani designer Saira Rizwan’s latest bridal collection for UK-based Asiana Magazine. According to Saira, she considered a number of options before opting for Kangana because she is one of her “favourite actresses”.

  Shilpa Shetty also modelled for Saira Rizwan for the Asiana Wedding magazine.

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