Finally, after the fights and controversies inside the Bigg Boss 13 house, Sidharth Shukla and Mahira Sharma have lightened the atmosphere inside the house.
During the ‘swayamvar’ task, Shehnaz Gill asks everyone to insult each other where Mahira Sharma targets Shefali Jariwala for her fake act of feeding apples to bride-to-be Shehnaz. In return, Shefali spoke in bad taste about her lips. She said that if one pricks your lip, it will burst.

Mahira said that she’s got the best lips and asks Sidharth what does he have to say about it. He says that he will go with what Hindustani Bhau said the other day, “Bade honthon waali chipkali.”
Mahira takes it sportingly and in between the task, while Sidharth lies on his bed, Mahira asks him if he really meant what he said. To which, Sidharth Shukla replies saying that he was lying and likes her lips. He further went on to say that girls take injections to get such fuller lips, you have inherited it naturally, be proud of it.

Mahira Sharma then digs out old fights between her and Sidharth and asks if he really meant to her when he allegedly pushed her during the task. He said it happened in the rush of the task and Mahira replied saying that whatever it was, but it really hurt her.

Later, she went on to confess that she has started liking him since past two weeks and asks him to join her team. While Mahira was in the kitchen, Sidharth came and hugged her from behind, which again, was a cute moment between them.

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