Around mid-day, Bigg Boss announced a new and exciting task, in which Hindustani Bhau was asked to play the land lord of the house and Rashami was asked to play his wife. They both have a daughter – Shehnaaz – who is a spoiled brat and likes both Paras and Sidharth Shukla. However, she is confused between the two. Bhau and Rashami want their daughter to get married but they too can’t decide who will make a better groom between Sidharth and Paras. Therefore, they invite the duo with their families at their house. Paras and Sidharth have to impress Bhau and Rashami by performing a series of tasks assigned to them. The family that Bhau and Rashami will pick will become the contender for captaincy in the house. However, there’s a twist. Both the families are allotted one mandap each, which they have to decorate and the opposite team can destroy it.

However, soon the task took a serious turn when Asim went to kitchen to get fruits for Shehnaaz. Sidharth interrupted him and said Shehnaaz has asked him to get her fruits. The fight got extremely ugly and other housemates also got involved. They tried to stop them but Sidharth kept on pushing Asim. The famous friends of the Bigg Boss house soon turned into rivals.

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