Hope you remember that episode of MTV Splitsvilla 11, in which Shagun Pandey confronted his ideal match Arushi Handa and said that he wants to switch with Samyuktha whom he has fallen in love with. He even said that he is willing to give away his power of being an ideal match on the show.

Rannvijay then gives a lesson for life while explaining to Arushi that being an ideal match on the show doesn’t mean you both will start feeling for each other. The feelings should be mutual and if Shagun doesn’t want to be with her then it’s his choice and he has every right to leave.

Haalo’s Shruti Misra  caught up with Arushi Handa to know more about her.

Tell me something about yourself and your childhood?

I grew up in Himachal and was a very active in all the activities. Though I was average student, I was good in acting and used to appear regularly in school and college plays.

 Do you always wanted to take part in reality shows?

Yes, always wanted to do reality shows like Spiltsvilla and Roadies because they are the best way to achieve fame if you want work in film industry . Ranvijay Singh is the best example of it. It’s up to us how we use this exposure.

I tried for Roadies in 2016 and cleared the first round but then I thought to finish the studies first and 2018 I came for Splitsvilla

what is the best and worst part about realty shows?

The best part of being on such shows is the amount of love that we get is difficult to explain in words and I don’t it think there is any worse part of being in such shows.

 Is everything shown in reality shows is real or made up?

NO everything on reality shows is real. I had to be really strong to not cry in front of the camera.

Which contestant did you like the most?

Shruti Sinha! She’s a sweetheart. She’s always been helpful to me even during the show because she had already done Roadies so she was more experienced than me.

So she would tell me what to do what not. As a friend she guided me throughout the show. We are still in touch and I go to spend time with her in her house it’s more like a family thing between us now.

 How was your experience with Ranvijay and Sunny Leone?

They both are amazing people. Ranvijay sir will always guide you what is good what’s not for you, even today after show if we’ll call up for help he’s always there to help us. I have never seen such a down to earth person in my whole world.

Sunny Leone was also fun. I haven’t met her after the show but during the shows she would come with us and have dinner.


What are your future plans?

I always wanted to get into acting.  So, I am auditioning for few movies is south as well. I don’t want to do bold scenes right now I want people to know me for my acting skills then my body.

 Will you do few more reality shows?

Don’t know! It’s not clear right now

If not entertainment what would have you done other then modelling?

I would have been into any digital marketing firm, because I had an interest plus I did my internship also in one of the companies who were working in digital marketing.


1.Best thing about spiltsvilla: It’s a roller coaster of emotions

  1. one thing you love the most about yourself – I love myself
  2. Single or committed: Ssingle single single(koi ladka hai toh plz batao)
  3. fav colour: Black, white, grey
  4. your first pay cheque: Rs 2500
  5. fav food: I love street food
  6. fav city:  Mumbai! I am totally in love with this city and the best part is that it’s very safe of girls.
  7. One line that describes you?: Happy go lucky kind of girl



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