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Ankit Tiwari: I believe in my music and I love my work

Written by Jhanvi Rathore

How often do we come across people who love trying new things? One such person is the popular singer, Ankit Tiwari, who recently turned dancer for his new music video. It is a treat for his fans to see him in this new avatar. I had a candid conversation with him where I managed to ask him a few questions.


Sun raha hai na tu has been one of the biggest hits of recent times. How did this song come up?
In the days of struggle, generally singers like me used to make banks. So this was a part of a bank that I made Mohit listen, and he loved it. The rest as they is  history.

Your distinctive voice suits a certain genre. But, you know how the film industry works. Don’t you feel that there is a danger that you might be given just particular type of songs, just like the actors get type casted?                  First of all, the best part about it is that you get credibility. A person tends to know that this is “Ankit Tiwari’s song.” But then things take time, and gradually we experiment. I have done a few songs out of my genre, and the audience loved it.

You’re both, a singer and a composer. How do you control the composer in you when singing for other composers?                                                                                                                         Music is a very fast field. For a true musician, it is very important to absorb the tune and sing it accordingly. Some composers are happy with what the singer is comfortable with. The others explain their idea and we adapt accordingly. Recently, I sang Soniye dil nahi lagda for Gaurav Das Gupta in Baaghi 2.




In these times, where new singers are emerging every day, how important is it for you to keep your distinct identity?

Just believe in yourself and the work that you do. I believe in my music and I love my work. And till the time I love my passion, there’s no stopping.

You’ve learnt Piano, Dhrupad, and Western Classical. What do you consider your style of singing?   

 I don’t really know. There isn’t any name to it as of now.

Tell us among your favorite songs. Which one’s your favorite and why?       

My all time favorite song is from the movie Saathiya which is “Chhupke se lag ja gale”. There is something about that song that makes me replay it all the time.

Who is your favorite singer?                                 

There are so many. To start with, I admire Kishore da. He had a certain charisma in him. I can’t really take someone’s name in particular. Everyone is doing so great. But yes, the one’s with that “makhmali voice” is really hard to forget.


How tough was it for a small town guy to survive in Mumbai without a Godfather?

It is tough. But, I honestly don’t know anything apart from music. If you separate music from me, I am incomplete. So, I had that zest which is very important to survive in today’s world. I had that zid to conquer!

If you’re asked to sing a cover version of any of the songs of yesteryear. Which one is it going to be and why?                                                                                     

 There are so many beautiful songs. It is so hard to choose one. Lag ja Gale just struck in my head as it is one of the favorites of everyone.

What inspired you to make your recent music video, Mehbooba?

It just happened. I wanted to do a song out of films. We had discussions and finally things fell into place. We spoke to Amy Jackson who later gratefully agreed to be a part of the song.

How was it working with Amy Jackson?                                                           

It was a nice experience. She is a really nice person and we had a lot of fun shooting the song.

How was the experience to dance on your own beat?                                                                             

Sometimes you should just go with the flow. I love trying out new things. Recently, I like photography. I like clicking a lot of pictures. I am very curious about things. So I try resolving by trying those things out. It gives you a nice change both mentally and physically.


On this World Dance Day, what is the new dancer’s message to the world?                          There is dance and rhythm and every one of us. Our body moves and grooves differently. Some love shaadi wala dance whereas the others dance professionally. But anybody can dance. Both the styles are beautiful in their own ways. Just let loose, and groove.

Any message to your fans?                                                                                                                     Thanks to all my fans for supporting me and showering their unconditional love on me. You are my biggest achievement that cannot be compared to any award.



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