Exploring new places and meeting different people is what everyone wants. Lucky are those who get to
do that and live in an alternative world altogether. Their fascinating destinations are always something
to look up to. I have a list of a few of Indians amazing Instagramers that surely give us severe travel
goals. One of them is Lakshmi Sharath.
She is an inspiration for all those planning a vacation. She started as a media professional but later
became a traveller, travel writer and a photographer too. She has beeore thisn very active in terms of blogging
and has shared some of the most amazing experiences in the country.

Her blog “A travel blog of an Indian Backpacker” has some stories about experiences that will make you
grab your backpack and leave for a vacation asap. She has probably travelled to more than 25 countries.
She mostly prefers to travel on weekdays and offseason. It helps her discover more out of a place and
also because of the quiet and peace atmosphere.
Her ultimate destination that she would like to linger to would probably be Nilgiris. Sitting in a small
cabin up in the hills and stare endlessly at the mountains is something that she’d look forward too.

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