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Jaipur’s all-girls school – Maharani Gayatri Devi Girls’ School or MGD –  is quintessentially an elite school but the snobbish MGDians behave as if they’re elitist. Of course, they are smart, confident and stand out in the crowd but they also carry a log on their shoulders. Only typical MDGians can relate to these 8 things:

1.Seniors are our idols – we literally worship them and the ground they walk on

2. Adda will always be the hangout of the uber chic

3. We can kill during inter-house competitions

4.We take cheerleading and cheers to a whole new level

5. Only we know what it’s like to lift an IPSC shield in Jaipur

6. This style of the dupatta is OURS

7. We never grow old for the giant wheels at the fete or the jhoolas in the rose garden

8. You can find Indian version of gossip girls in this school only.

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