7 things only paani puri addicts can relate to

Written by Shruti Misra

Paani puri,  also known gol gappas, puchkas or gup shup, is uncrowned street snack of India. Despite the glut of western and Chinese fast food,  paani puri beats them hallow.

  1. You know the best paani puri walas in the city. And all of them know you.
  2. In spite of knowing that too many paani puris will just upset your stomach, you don’t stop eating them.
  3. After you are done, you never throw away the imli paani. You just gulp it down.
  4. You never bother about hygiene when it comes to paani puri.
  5. You can eat as many paani puris as long as they don’t run out of stock.
  6. You go out on an errand and you end up at a paani puri stall. Always.
  7. You have tried making paani puri at home but it never tastes as good as the roadside ones

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