It’s true when they say “once a dancer, always a dancer”. You can’t help but miss those endless nights of blood, sweat, and tears rehearsing. After years of practice, it’s no wonder these things come naturally. Only a dancer – past or present – that can relate things that you can relate if you’re classical dancer

  1. No matter what dance you learning, your friends and family think Kathak, Kuchipudi and Kathakali is the same?
  2. Tapping your foot in public: admit it, intentionally or unintentionally, you always find your feet tapping, regardless of where you are.
  3. “I can’t come, I have rehearsal,” is your patent excuse for not hanging out with friends and family.
  4. Suffer the serious consequences of taking time off. One rehearsal missed and you will regret for weeks.
  5. The jitters before every performance. No matter how many times you perform, nervousness hits you before stepping onto the stage.
  6. That sweet sound of your ghungroos and foot tapping is your ultimate melody.
  7. That feeling you have when you have danced perfectly in sync with the musicians. Yippee
  8. Every song you listen to—live or recorded, classical or western—you start choreographing in your head and fill in some of your moves into it. 
  9. Every performance means a new costume for you…

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Asif Ullah Khan

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