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5 LGBT shows one needs to binge on Netflix

Written by Jhanvi Rathore

It’s high time people become open minded about everything that’s happening around. With the Supreme Court setting up a five-judge bench to hear a fresh batch of petitions for the decriminalization of Section 377 today, there seems to be a new ray of hope for the LGBTQ community in India. While everyone waits for the result, here’s what you can do. Here are some really fun shows that deserve your time.

Sense 8: This one’s a must watch! The Science fiction drama series revolve around 8 people across the globe: America, Iceland, Kenya, Mexico, Korea, Germany and India—who share a psychic connection and are able to communicate knowledge and skills among each other. The show focuses more on the identity and sexuality of each character and talks about being accepted by others as well. The characters are thrown in the centre of a high drama backdrop—being hunted down by a mysterious organization.

Orange is the new Black: An entitled New Yorker gets convicted for transporting drug money to her drug dealer girlfriend ten years ago. The show has won various Emmys for its hard- hitting performances and focuses on drug smuggling, overcrowding in prisons and corruption in the American legal system.

Queer Eye: So, this one’s about a group of five gay men called the “Fab five” that do makeovers on typical heterosexual men in this series. A reboot of the original, it aired between 2003 and 2007, and showcased an overhaul in wardrobe, lifestyle, culture, interiors and more for every heterosexual nominee.

Nanette: Unlike other stand up’s before, Hannah Gadsy takes her inspiration from the life she had been living as a lesbian woman in a small town Tanzania. According to comedy veterans, this one-hour stand-up will “change your life”.

RuPaul”s Drag Race: Celebrity drag queen RuPaul plays a brilliant and sassy host to contestants in this America reality TV competition series, where they are given weekly challenges to compete against each other. Their tasks include a number of fun activities, like lip syncing to a Britney Spears song to escape elimination, and creating couture pieces for themselves.

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