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Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s adaptation of the romance story recently turned 17 years old and fans just can’t keep calm. From sharing thei favourite scenes from the movie to paying tribute to standout starcast, fans have done it all. So, why should Team Haalo be left behind right ? Let’s take a trip down memory lane to revisit Hindi Cinema’s most iconic love story, Devdas.

  1. Areeeee ohhhh Deva: Well well well, from the leading cast to junior actors to the magnamous set, Devdas left us spell bound. No less than magic, Bhansali re told this retro story in a never before  fashion making it the only bollywwod movie to be featured in the top 10 greatest movies of the millennium.
  2. Hara Rang Dala:- As much as it was known for its briiliant screenplay and cinematography, Devdas was also known for the magic Madhuri created with her dance moves. Touted as her career best performance till date, Devdas saw Mads returning to the silver screen as the dancing diva. Whether it was pulling off a character as complex as Chandramukhi or dancing in the iconic green lengha, she did it all.
  3. Kaun kambhkt bardasht karne ko peeta hai: Jacky Shroff is his natural best along with SRK gave #friendship goals. From picking up drunk friend from the streets to dancing with him on sheeshe se sheesha tackraye, devdas taught us what friendship is crisis situation looks like. The awesome threesome- Mads, SRK and Jaggu dada gave us such memorable scenes that dubsmash still re creates.
  4. Dola re Dola: what happens when two leading divas of bollywood dance together? Well, let’s just say, Magic happens. In a dance face off like never before, bollywood leading ladies left us spell bound with their skills. Award winning choreography and never seen before camaride between Madhuri and Aishwarya is still talked about.
  5. Raining Awards: India’s entry to the Oscars in 2003, Devdas won 10 filmfare, 5 star screen awards, 16 IIFA Awards [maximum so far], 5 National Awards, 1 Star Award, 1Asian Film Award and 5 NATIONAL AWARDS.
  6. India’s Nightangel: Devdas also marked the debut of Shreya Goshal. Shreya, along with Udit Narayan lending their voices to Paro and Deva made this album a chartbuster with songs that refuses to die down even after 17 years od the launch.
  7. Ode to Art: A movie as lavish as devdas with best cinematography right from the first moment of ending credits to the last bitter tear on Paro’s cheek. Every shot, every frame was was like an artist’s canvas.

AND we can go on and on and on because Devdas is, was and forever will be a magical experience to watch and like SRK said, “ Kitni aasani se ginva diya ki tumhe har pal meri yaad aati thi…. Lekin yeh nahi socha ki un palon mein beetta toh main hi tha, diya tum jalati thi par jalta toh main hi tha.”

Uffff, Rooting for Devdas part2 ??? are you listening Bhansali sir ?




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